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Michael Colfin
I have owned Photo Explosion for years. I got it as part of a bundle with several other software products. Photo Explosion is the only part of the bundle I use.

Photo Explosion does a lot but it hasn't any manual. When I first got it, I didn't need a graphic editor for anything important, if I did I would have been screwed. But now that I've worked with it and discovered its features (over years), I'm happy with it.

But the biggest liability of it is, it doesn't save your work automatically and it fails regularly making you start from scratch. If you are doing anything complicated, SAVE YOUR WORK often!

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Phyllis Johnson
I used PE version 4 for years. It was ideal for me. Purchased a new computer 2020 and had to upgrade my PE to version 5 Deluxe. I am so disappointed so I am now ordering PE version 5 (not deluxe) and hopefully I will be happy again.

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Phyllis Johnson, How did PE version 5 work for you? Are you running on Windows 11?

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